Quick Field Test

Charter Fishing on the Bay – Caught the Limit!!!!


Cable management done right

Getting wire incognito

A safe way of wiring through the floor is covering the tracks to prevent injuries

The right tools for the job

What a blast! The perfect tool for piercing J Hooks into concrete.

Cabling a Kantek Unit

Just finished installing a Control Access Panel and a Power Unit.

Loading up the van – Getting Ready to go do another camera job!

Getting ready to load up the van.  Have been doing a lot of CCTV systems.  This one has a decent amount of Fiber Optics involved.  Looking forward to getting this done for the customer!

Equifax Data Breach

On September 7, 2017, Equifax announced that it suffered a data breach. We have been working with Equifax to learn more about this event and understand there is a possibility that your personal information might have been exposed.
We encourage you to take the following steps to help protect your identity:

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Swim Goggles

Yep, swim googles are not just good for swimming.  Keith likes to wear them when cutting into dry-wall.  Makes sense and keeps those eyes safe!  Hey…maybe that should be part of OSHA training!!!

Update – Laptops for Liberia

The Greens are back from Liberia and had a very successful trip.  The laptops that they had Bailey Systems were a huge hit and it started up an IT Club – called “The Green IT Club”.  The club now has 60 members!  Deb and her husband are already planning another More >